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Visit the Capitol in Washington

Certainly not enough to come along Washington can not take a picture in front of the Capitol building. It really is one of the best known of the American capital. It is located on Capitol Hill, the hill that bears the name of the building. In there you can visit the Senate, House of Representatives, the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.

If you have booked your flights to Washington , the Capitol building you will see from many points of the city. That famous white dome with columns is the seat of American government. Construction began in 1793, although the dome was not completed until 1866, eleven years tardándose up.

What matters is the tour you can do inside. These guided tours are free, but get there early at the entrance, before 0900 hours. These tours last an hour and a half, and is the only way to get inside, and we can not get on our own.

I say it because it was the only interest is to get the usual picture in front of the facade. Still worth it, because it is a huge building. It measures 229 meters long and 107 wide, while the dome has 57 meters high.

Visits can be made every day, except Sunday. The Capitol has about 540 rooms, spread over five floors. From the best rooms you will see is the Rotunda, which is a huge room from which you can have the best views of the dome, and the National Statuary Hall, a room with statues of famous personalities of the city.

But that's not all, because you can not miss on a visit the Library of Congress, with its marble staircase, the beautiful view offered by the Mall ... The entire interior is exquisitely decorated. I remember what struck us was the Rotunda, with the huge dome above us, and the luxury of the Library of Congress.

Because you can not stay only with the typical picture in front of the building with dome and columns. Get up early, make you with a ticket, and enjoy the luxurious interior of one of the world's most historic buildings.

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