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The Unmissable during your trip to the United States
Washington, D.C. Fall Travel Guide - DC's Festivals and

The United States is among the most populous country and the largest in the world, with about 310 million people and more than 9.6 million km ². For years, travelers from around the world continue to pour into the country. Here are some unmissable cities during your stay in the United States :

New York is renowned for its many tourist attractions such as the stock exchange located in Wall Street, the street vendors and renowned museums, skyscraper Empire State, the Statue of Liberty , the Theater District, etc.. New York also known as the "Big Apple" attracted the attention of the world. Any designer who has a collection of clothes, any great chef who opens a restaurant and any artist who exhibits his work. Want to leave the United States? Start with the discovery of New York and its many attractions and live moments of extreme emotion.

Washington is a city rich in history and where political life. She embodies the spirit of the United States. During your stay, do not forget to visit the many museums, because Washington is home to some of the greatest museums in the country such as the National Art Museum and the Art Gallery of the air and the space. The vast esplanade of the National Mall is one of the sites that do not leave indifferent tourists from around the world.

Las Vegas, a major center of attraction for adults with extravagant buildings ... in short everything Las Vegas is a party. You will find huge fountains, casinos, games of laser lights ...

Today, the United States of America consists of 50 states, as impressive as each other. Travel Mexico , Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Grenada ... America offers a wide range of destinations.

Immerse yourself in Native American culture, live a unique and unforgettable experience in the United States.

Bon Voyage!


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Road trip usa

2007-03-01 12:33:06 by redseca2

Road Trip USA is a travel guide is a guidebook to off the beaten track cross country routes. Constantly updated, it has been around for awhile, I think my copy is 10 years old.
Crazy college kids on spring break can drive NYC to SF in 48 hours, so your 7 days of course is no problem. Any more time you can manage, the better. The last time I did it myself, and on a motorcycle by the way: Leamington, ONTARIO
Ithica, NEW YORK*
New York, NEW YORK
Returning to San Francisco:
Pittsburgh, PA
Cinncinati, OHIO
Middle of Nowhere, ILLINOIS
Kansas City, MISSOURI
Colorado Springs, COLORADO
San Francisco, CA
* college town, where there is always susho, espresso and imported beer.


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While there are at least 50 vendors selling food, non-alcoholic drinks and commercial items along Broadway, the main attractions at the street fair are the multiple stages at which live music is provided on a continual basis.

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