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Gluten-Free Washington, DC - Celiac Guide to Washington, DC
Washington DC Private Guides & Private Guided Tours in Washington

Having celiac disease does not mean you will not eat well on your travels, but it does mean you'll be better off with some advance planning and advice from the locals. If you'll be doing any gluten-free travel to Washington, DC, here are the left you'll find helpful: Urbanspoon: Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Washington DC
Includes a map of all the restaurants, left to the restaurant websites, local newspaper and magazine reviews and comments from diners.

Yelp: Gluten-Free Washington DC
Includes maps, links to the restaurant websites and comments from diners.

Celiac Handbook: Washington DC Restaurant Guide
Blog entry lists more than a dozen restaurants, with links.

Washington Area Celiac Sprue Support Group
Lists of Washington-area restaurants. Celiac-friendly grocery and health food stores can be downloaded as PDF files.

Our article "Before You Travel on a Gluten-Free Diet" will direct you to additional tips for gluten-free travel: car rides, plane travel, hotels, trips to foreign countries - what to bring, how to plan, where to find help and more.

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