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西雅圖.jpg ◎ book features
1 Practical: uphold personal travel book series consistent style. Book chapters clear classification, city partitions intact. The book will be Seattle is divided into 15 districts, including Seattle remain sightseeing value adjacent suburbs, navigation and strong.
(2) information-rich: the District tourist spots, food shopping information complete and practical, but also increase the author personally experienced a variety of cultural observation, as the sidebar, so that more abundant. End of the book along with partition accommodation intelligence, as well as Seattle Travel Yellow.
3, with the enthusiasm written: Unlike most box-type tool, do not in the travel Letters make impressions, the author between the lines, revealing a kind of local culture depth identity, and home tours passion for life, and one dedicated recommend feeling. After reading this book, there is a never been to Seattle, though, but it is also more understanding than others feeling.

◎ Content Architecture
A style Glimpse to three chapters will be Seattle characteristics of the city to do a schematic presentation, allowing readers to quickly interpret the city's focus on Seattle diverse romantic charm of the city / Technology and leisure both urban development / coffee and beer capital

B District tour the Seattle area is divided into fifteen regions, which also includes Seattle sight-seeing the value of neighboring suburb, each region with district maps, practical, content presentation focused on including popular attractions, food and drink, shopping guides, sidebar design, there are "knowledge-charging stations" (you do not know the little knowledge), "travel Cheat Sheet" (the tourist small reminder), "players exchange" (author personal experience of a reminder or observation of life) .
Downtown / Pike Place Market Area / Coastal Area / Portland Square / China Town, the International District / Seattle Center / Parliament Hill / Meng Lieke / Ann Queens / Washington University District / University City Shopping Area / Wheeling blessing, Green Lake / Fremont / Pakistani assassination Germany / Seattle suburb

C Hotels intelligence book Seattle recommendable hotel at 15th district to classify, while the accommodation price level lists to facilitate author according to personal travel plans and economic conditions to pick.

D Travel Yellow prior to departure will be homework: Visa, flight, currency exchange rates, time difference, climate and other information, as well as to the local entry and exit processes, transportation, business hours, tips, emergency telephones and other information readily available.

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USA Man seek female travel partner in 12/20-30

2007-09-22 10:09:34 by gbporter

I am a single (previously married 25 yrs) 45 year old man traveling to South Africa arriving late afteroon on 12/19. My hope is find a lady travel companion to join me and share costs to explore Kruger National Park and other sites in South Africa. I would offer in return to host you if you ever travel to the USA. I live near Seattle in Washington State and have extensive experience working as a professional outdoor guide throughout the Western United States. My regular job is working as a teacher. Please email me at gbporter@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks!

July 4 Fireworks In Seattle Moved In Order Not To Scare Baby Bald Eagles  — Huffington Post
The floating launch pad for next week's July Fourth fireworks display in suburban Seattle is being moved from its usual site to avoid frightening a pair of baby bald eagles nesting in a tree on the shore of Lake Washington, sponsors of the event said ..

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