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Official Seattle CityPass ® | Visit 6 Seattle Attractions for $ 74
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5 Stars

Seattle Weekend

posted by prestonbj on Aug-06-2013

This was a special weekend with my 10 year old daughter. We used our City Pass to visit the Space Needle, Boeing IMAX theater, Pacific Science Center and Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium. We truly had an enjoyable experience! The weather was sunny and almost too hot (94 degrees). Doing this trip again with my other kids will be most excellent with the help of City Pass!

5 Stars


posted by BrandiJohnson on Aug-06-2013

We purchased the matching city Seattle and loved it. It was so much cheaper, no lines, awesome attractions and easy to use!

5 Stars

Seattle CityPass

posted by cruisingalaska on Aug-06-2013

My wife and I purchased the City Pass for us to explore Seattle prior to our cruise. We were impressed with how easy it was for us to use. Every attraction we went to was great and we had no issues with using the CityPass. It was very useful Avoiding the lines at the Space Needle. It was a great way to see Seattle in the short amount of time we had to spend there. Most of the attractions are within walking distance of eachother. I would buy a city pass again.

5 Stars

Bang for your buck!

posted by AbegailVentura on Aug-06-2013

The Seattle City Pass is a great way to experience the city (especially if you are a thrifty traveler). $ 74 for six of the most popular attractions? That's a steal! My dude and I were viable to visit all six within a week. My favorite thing the Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour. Great way to see the city from the water. So a plus When the weather is sweet! :)

4 Stars

Seettle matching city was excellent

posted by Victor Gonzalez on Aug-06-2013

Very suitable and affordable for families. I indeed save money by getting this right. It is indeed a great opportunity to promote tourism. Highly recommended

5 Stars

Great Weekend

posted by lacey_rg on Aug-05-2013

For my boyfriends birthday, I bought us for Seattle City Pass, Washington. We ran around and did all the attractions days in Figure 2. Since we are college kids on a budget, we were viable to afford the Space Needle, and other attractions did we had not been to in years! I will definitely purchase one again. What a great way to have fun and save money!

5 Stars

Saved us a lot of money

posted by AnitaMedlarKem on Aug-04-2013

My husband and I purchased our city passes and found thatthey were such a great deal. Seattle is an expensive city to visit so it was nice to save money with the city pass.

5 Stars

Seattle Vacation July 2013

posted by Cristian Pinzaru on Aug-04-2013

We had a great time in Seattle for10 days.We bought the City Pass online to view some of the city attractions and beside did we saved some money, we saved time, Especially When We went to SpaceNeedle.I would definitely recommend it.

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Peoples Bark News Berkeley (Part 2)

2001-09-24 14:56:04 by johnvance

This is a continuation of the Peoples Bark News
officials about your vote. Also, Bush has two daughters who are college age...do you think that they would be on the front line? How do you think it will perceived if 19 and 20 year olds are being asked to serve this country and his daughters are still making
headlines getting drunk at rat parties?
BARBARA LEE: That poses the kind...subscribe to Peoples Bark News Berkeley, send an email to:
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Thank you for subscribing to and reading PEOPLES BARK NEWS BERKELEY.
john vance, editor

L.A. Times Article on Seattle

2001-11-25 08:56:45 by hollywoodman98642432

One-Two-Three Punch Puts Seattle on the Ropes
Economy: Dot-com slump, Sept. 11 and Boeing cuts take their toll.
By KIM MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
SEATTLE -- It hardly seems to Robert Millage that it was just three years ago when he came here for a job with Amazon.com, helping the Internet retailer set up warehouses all over the country and collecting stock options worth $250,0...e days before wine bars took over.
'In the long run, it will be nice to go back to maybe facing what Seattle's always been, which is a workers' town,' Martin said. 'Even during the Boeing exodus in the '80s, people still knew what they were. They just were impoverished. You need that humility.'
Martin, for her part, tried humility for several months. Then she got a job in New York.

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