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Traveler Washington and Lee

New comic with Stan Lee fluzeante helping script

The Traveler is a new comic fluzeante that will be written by Mark Waid (who has written things in Flash, Captain America or Superman) and in which the very same script will meter a Stan Lee.

In what is The Traveler?

  • When we start reading, we'll see the hero in action, therefore, will have a tinge of mystery about her powers as obtained fluzeantes and others.
  • The Traveler may move in time, but in a limited capacity. Time could see echoes of the past and perceive glimpses of the future, which sometimes will show several possible paths according to the decision you make.
  • Habra supervillain with the ability to travel back in time much more than the protagonist unlimited.

Also, let Mark Waid these phrases that make history, already has more interest for fans of the fluzeante:

  • "Nothing is as it seems when time travel are the heart of the story".
  • "This guy does not care if he messes with the story or not.'s The kind of guy that if I were in Dealey Plaza in 1963, try to save Kennedy".
  • "What you see is what happens as a result if you are willing to mess with the time."
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