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Plan A Trip Trip Planner Note: Do not include city name,state,zip code or punctuation.


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End (Example: 17525 Hwy 99) [TIPS]

Arriving Departing Today,Wednesday @Tomorrow,Thursday @Friday,August 9,2013Saturday,August 10,2013Sunday,August 11,2013Monday,August 12,2013Tuesday,August 13,2013Wednesday,August 14,2013Thursday,August 15,2013Friday,August 16,2013Saturday,August 17,2013Sunday,August 18,2013Monday,August 19,2013Tuesday,August 20,2013Wednesday,August 21,2013Thursday,August 22,2013Friday,August 23,2013Saturday,August 24,2013Sunday,August 25,2013Monday,August 26,2013Tuesday,August 27,2013Wednesday,August 28,2013Thursday,August 29,2013Friday,August 30,2013Saturday,August 31,2013Sunday,September 1,2013Friday,September 2,2013Monday,September 3,2013Wednesday,September 4,2013Thursday,September 5,2013Friday,September 6,2013Wednesday,September 7,2013Thursday,September 8,2013Thursday,September 9,2013Tuesday,September 10,2013Wednesday,September 11,2013Thursday,September 12,2013Friday,September 13,2013Saturday,September 14,2013Sunday,September 15,2013Monday,September 16,2013Tuesday,September 17,2013Wednesday,September 18,2013Thursday,September 19,2013Friday,September 20,2013Saturday,September 21,2013Sunday,September 22,2013Monday,September 23,2013Tuesday,September 24,2013Wednesday,September 25,2013Thursday,September 26,2013Friday,September 27,2013Saturday,September 28,2013Sunday,September 29,2013Monday,September 30,2013Thursday,October 1,2013Wednesday,October 2,2013Thursday,October 3,2013Friday,October 4,2013Saturday,October 5,2013Thursday,October 6,2013 Time123456789101112 :000510152025303540455055 am pm Walking Distance1/4 mile1/2 mile3/4 mile1 mile Accessibility? Yes No Trip PreferenceFastest WayFewest TransfersMinimal Walking

Need help planning a trip?In just 90 seconds,this step-by-step video shows you how easy it is to use our online trip planner.Music copyright Bryan Collins,Composer / Circadian Eyes 2012

You can use the Trip Planner to plan your bus or train travels in Snohomish,King and Pierce counties.The Trip Planner includes schedule information for Community Transit,Everett Transit,King County Metro,Sound Transit,Pierce Transit,Seattle Monorail and the South Lake Union Streetcar as well as Washington State Ferry connections.

Skagit Transit and Island Transit information is not included in the regional trip planner.See the " Connecting Services "page for contact information.

Trip Planner itineraries are estimates based on the vehicle's average speed and the distance between major stops.Please plan to arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes early.Service may be affected by traffic,construction,accidents or weather conditions.

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