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Giant LOVE artwork in Virginia
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31, von Redaktion July 2013 editorial

Established 16 new artworks for the summer season - up to three meters high installations throughout the U.S. state

Gigantic LOVE-art can be found anywhere in Virginia, including in Kiptopeke State Park

Fascinating landscapes from mountains to lakes, historic towns, wineries and numerous family attractions - Virginia has a lot to offer. Anyone traveling through the U.S. state should keep an eye out for some very special installations open: About 30 giant works of art that represent the word LOVE, standing by the roadside, on the beach and close to popular attractions. These different "Love Works" were formed from the utensils fit for each region - for example, in Loudoun County wine country, Virginia near the capital, Washington DC. The historical Purcelville Station is a work of art whose four letters consists of labels and corks of the 35 local wineries. The Virginia Tourism Corporation, which markets the region for some time under the slogan "Virginia is for Lovers, " calls on visitors to the region to photograph the artwork and the image on the Virginia Facebook page ( Facebook.com / VirginiaisforLovers ) to Post. As already hundreds of snapshots came to pass.

Oversized deck chairs and musical instruments

16 new installation of LOVE-art throughout Virginia were established this year. Thus, the four deck chairs in Kiptopeke State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. Each chair is provided three meters high and with a letter. The entire work of art weighs over 220 kilograms and offers a breathtaking view over the east coast of Virginia, where the wild ponies live. Along the Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail on the Virginia Bristol is also one of the artworks. The four letters are formed from different musical instruments such as a banjo, a guitar and a keyboard and a microphone and a huge record.

More information about the LOVE artwork is available at virginia.org / LOVE and Capital Region USA under capitalregionusa.de .

Source: Claasen Communication,

Image rights: Virginia Tourism Corporation

The Capital Region USA (CRUSA) is a non-profit tourism association, which is composed of the tourist institutions, the Virginia Tourism Corporation, Destination DC and the Maryland Office of Tourism Development. The association is strongly supported by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. CRUSA has through innovative marketing programs and partnerships with the public and the private sector to increase the target number of visitors from the selected countries and to strengthen the region's economy.

Capital Region USA
Matt Gaffney
92 Sussex Street
19971 Rehoboth Beach, DE

Press contact:
Claasen Communication
Werner Claasen
Hindenburg Strasse 2
64665 Alsbach
06257-6 87 81
ralph.steffen @ claasen.de

An analysis of convention business in Washington State;: A sample survey of five cities,
Book (State College of Washington, School of Economics and Business, Bureau of Economic Research)

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