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Hello again, today we went to Layton, UT and headed to Kennewick, WA.

Approximate distance was 960 km, which we go in 9 hours.

Wake after sleep happy after our walk as chunks crazy, we had breakfast and began the journey.

We take the I15 pass through Ogden, Brigham City, Tremont where fuel load (and never left so empty tank) and said goodbye to Utah, to enter Idaho. Farewell to the Mormons.

State: Idaho
Capital: Boise
Nickname: The Gem State

I84 follow the road towards Boise, to Meridian, Caldwell (where we ate) and entered the state of Oregon.

State: Oregon
Capital: Salem
Nickname: The Beaver State

Keep up the I84 through Ontario, Baker City, La Grande, Pendleton and Hermiston, where we again get gas. I82 follow the road through Umatilla and this left the state to come to Washington.

State: Washington
Capital: Olympia
Nickname: The Evergreen State

I82 follow the road and came to Kennewick.

This day was a bit long but very interesting as we go through 3 different states, which allowed us to see different landscapes and types of economies.

The State of Idaho is full of seed potato fields and vegetables, so there are farms everywhere full of tractors and working people, the peculiarity is to see the crops and close the houses of workers and owners colorful and surrounded by wooded very beautiful. Here we had to see how the field work in the United States.

When we got to the State of Oregon, the picture changed, then began barns, animal and later found a very nice wooded area and we climbed a lot of height above sea level. Passing through Baker City, we find the parallel 45 °, which is halfway between the Ecuador and the North Pole.

This day in Caldwell ate at a restaurant that sells food Old Country and has the peculiarity of having a store like antique. The truth is that you can eat well even when chain. What was the dessert richer one EXQUISITE apple cobbler!

When we got to Washington state, everything changed again since this state is really nice for its scenery and as his nickname suggests is very green, in addition to planting very many apples and several vineyards in the south.

At Kennewick, we had a stunning tired, probably because we had beaten the previous day's hike, coupled with extreme heat, which only went to buy a drink to a Walmart next door.

Upon arriving at our room we decided to wash clothes, because the bags are starting to thin, finally did the same as you writes something to the blog and commanded some pictures and sleep has been said.

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Anyone want to talk?

2012-08-09 15:52:50 by Fordwoody

I'm a “simple pleasures” kind of man. Going to the farmer’s market with my family or spending an afternoon in the park with my friends runs up my happiness mileage as much as a big vacation or fancy dinner.
I do travel sometimes, but mainly on road trips. My dream is to drive the entire length of Route 66. Airports and flying just aren’t fun anymore, and I believe the object of travel is t...all things. I’m much more interested in a person’s intangible qualities – what makes them unique, their strengths and their weaknesses. I value kindness and loyalty, creativity and intellect. Intelligence is so sexy! Honesty is too.
I would love to meet someone who is unafraid to show her silly side, who loves to live to the fullest, a joie de vivre sandwich garnished with a zest for life.

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