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Outdoor recreation and ecotourism in Washington state
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Outdoor recreation and ecotourism in Washington state

Washington state has an abundance of publicly owned parks, beaches, wildlands, and waters. They're a major attraction for our residents and visitors who love the outdoors.

Without even leaving Washington, you can enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, kayaking, white water rafting, mountaineering, mountain biking, boating, bird-watching, wildlife viewing, snow sports, horseback riding and much more.

Being outdoors is a big reason why we love the Northwest. It's Also a very important driver of Washington's economy and jobs. Here are some ways to explore Washington's publicly owned lands and waters before you go:

  • " Get Out West "- helpful tips on enjoying the West, from the Western Governors' Association
  • Discover Pass - Allows you to enjoy nearly 7 million acres of Washington state-managed recreation lands, treats including state parks, nature trails, heritage sites and water access points.
  • Public beach access - Which beach do you want know? Or if it Might be closed to swimming? This searchable database Gives you everything you need to know - with photos of beach views, Campsites, trailheads and more.
  • Washington's BEACH Program - tells you When our beaches are safe from water-borne illness
  • " One Front Door to Washington's Outdoors "- a one-stop site for information about The all that Washington's Natural resource agencies Have to offer.

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U.S. warns of ‘imminent’ attack threat

2011-10-23 11:50:38 by 58andfixed

U.S. warns of ‘imminent’ attack threat in Kenya
Agence France-Presse
Saturday, October 22, 2011
The US embassy in Nairobi warned Americans of an “imminent threat” of attacks possibly targeting foreigners, one week after Kenyan forces crossed into Somalia to hunt down Shebab fighters.
... Somalia to hunt Shebab insurgents it blames for the abductions of a British tourist, a disabled French woman who has since died in captivity and two Spanish aid workers.
Kenya has not said how many of its troops are deployed, but analysts estimate the number at between 2,000 and 3,000.
In 1998, 224 people were killed in truck bombings at the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Manitowoc Cranes files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Crawler Cranes  — Lexology
.. and equipment, a significant employment of labor and capital, and a substantial investment in the exploitation of the asserted patents in the U.S.

Women working in the fields in rural Uttarakhand

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