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"As Apple between Passard and Obama

Photo Ivanoh Demers,La Presse

Alain Passard. Photo Robert Skinner,La Presse.

Do you know RW Apple Jr ?

Apple was a journalist at the New York Times.passard.jpgHe died in 2006. He was bureau chief in Washington,see White House,"Associate Editor" of the Times.

His specialties?Politics and gastronomy.And he wrote on both with equal passion,intelligence and professionalism.( Frank Bruni ,the restaurant critic of The Times,has also covered politics for the newspaper in Washington).

It is Apple that I thought this morning by jumping from Ottawa,where I went to see Obama in Montreal,where I interviewed this morning Alain Passard ,the famous French chef who presides over the culinary component "Montreal in light."

Passard,known worldwide as the one who gave the vegetable in the center of attention,is the head of L'Arpege in Paris.Tonight we cook at Toque!

The interview was fascinating. So much for the mad love with the chief things like carrots or turnips for his thoughts on the current kitchen and the importance of contact with the man with the flame.We'll talk.

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