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Russia reiterated on Wednesday (26) that no U.S. threat will force the country to deliver Edward Snowden, coach accused of spying for Washington, who requested asylum in Ecuador and it is in the transit area of ​​the airport in Moscow.

"The U.S. threats against Russia and China in the case Snowden will not give any results" tweeted Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Duma Foreign Affairs (lower chamber of the Russian Parliament).

The U.S. government requested the extradition of Snowden, who arrived in Moscow on Sunday, coming from Hong Kong.

The secretary of state John Kerry warned Moscow and Beijing that the case Snowden will have consequences in the relations with the United States.

After several hours without anyone knowing the whereabouts of former consultant to the National Security Agency (NSA), Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed the presence of Snowden in the transit area of ​​the airport.

Snowden, 30, took refuge in Hong Kong in May before revealing documents about the broader NSA spying program.

Then flew to Moscow on Sunday, fleeing a U.S. extradition request. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Snowden was in the transit area of ​​the airport and that Russia had no intention of giving it to Washington.

According to a source quoted by Interfax, Snowden remained in the transit area of ​​the Moscow airport for not having a valid travel document, after Washington revoked his passport.

The national airline of Russia said he did not book any flight company for the next three days.

Snowden has not been seen in public, but Russian officials say he is at the airport, waiting for a response to a request for asylum in Ecuador. The logical path to follow, and for which he came to have a reservation, it would be a flight of Aeroflot via Havana.

The offer alternative flights, while the United States pressured other countries not to receive it or to arrest him on arrival, would be limited.

Putin denied that Snowden was being interviewed by Russian intelligence and said any U.S. accusations that Moscow was helping him were "nonsense and delusions."


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2008-03-28 10:09:39 by TravelLisa

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