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Global Sustainable Tourism Travel Leaders Coalition recommends the introduction of sustainable operating system TravelWell
Washington Tourism Alliance Attends IPW 2013 | Yakima Valley

Global Sustainable Travel Leaders Alliance recommended Sustainable Tourism import operation systems TravelWell May 28, 2013

WASHINGTON - Sustainable Travel Leadership Alliance (STLN) together into a sustainable operation of IT systems - TravelWell, this activity by the Virgin Group, Virgin Holidays and worldwide authoritative travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler together on May 15, Jamaica, Runaway Bay (MONTEGO BAY) hold.

TravelWell will be able to assist the tourism industry to develop for tourism before, to obtain a more accurate assessment of judgments and decisions. The system also encourage tourism to sustainable development, with tourism to sustainable management guidelines to assist governments in the ground to evaluate the environmental, social policy and implementation.

TravelWell Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance to follow (GSTC) laid down to sustainable tourism standards, self-evaluation system operation will examine 20 key indicators to allow tourism to be assessed in the footsteps of its sustainability.

The world's leading travel brands Globus Group for TravelWell system is very amazing, the company's human resources director Mary Cox said: "This system will allow our team to make better decisions, including travel to the sustainable management."
Sustainable Travel International Association President Jamie Sweeting said: tourism industry really need a solution like TravelWell, it will be able to provide a stimulating tour to assist Tourism industry, the public sector for their own actions to communicate and verify sustainability, thereby allowing Tourism can be more understanding of the spirit of sustainability, enhance their competitiveness in the market.

STLN Union by the International Sustainable Travel Association (STI) to convene, is the only international professional exchanges encompass sustainable travel industry organizations, tourism enterprises by the world leaders. This alliance to share their knowledge and experience, try an innovative, contemporary tourism industry can provide the policy challenges and solutions.

Union partners involved include: Abercrombie & Kent, Carnival Corporation & plc, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Finnair Group, Globus family of brands, Loews Hotels, Micato Safaris, Pacific Beachcomber Resorts & Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Sabre Holdings, United Airlines, and Virgin Holidays.

Washington, nerve center, (His The face of America)
Book (Alliance Book Corporation, Longmans, Green and Company, inc)

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