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Daily Deal Travel deals: Get to know travel deals and win credits

Daily Deal Travel Deals brings you to your dream destinationDaily Deal is the most popular online couponing provider in Germany.On the couponing platform you will find discounts for spa services,events in the fields of sports and culture,special deals in your own city and much more.

Now DailyDeal has come up with the Daily Deal Travel Deals something new.There are now regularly deals around the topic of travel and some with discounts up to 90 percent on Sash e,hotels or rental cars.With Daily Deal Travel deals go very relaxed in your holidays

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Daily Deal cooperates with well-known companies from the tourism industry.Best Western,Hilton,NH Hoteles,L'Tur,the Radisson Blu are only part of the supplier for which you have the Travel deals have the opportunity to purchase vouchers and discount coupons for complete travel packages.The model works because it was sold in 2000 travel vouchers for city trips to Milan,Zurich and Berlin and spa weekends after two weeks.

Daily Deal Travel Deals brings you to your dream destination

Daily Deal plans vouchers and discount coupons for a wide travel range

In addition to hotel vouchers are also benefits for airlines,shipping companies and various tour operators.This Daily Deal wants to expand its range of ski and beach holidays,spa and adventure travel.

The holiday willing Miser found at Daily Deal Travel Deals example deals for a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast in value of 1542 Euro for only 759 euros.Also offers for city breaks are very high in coming.This include vouchers for accommodation in three to four stars are hotels in cities such as Amsterdam,Berlin offered,Rome,Vienna and Prague.With Daily Deal Travel deals you make holiday on beautiful beaches

A look at the page of daily deal travel deals with all current offers worthwhile in any case!All special deals are incidentally available for order via the Daily Deal App on the iPhone or Android.

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Motorcycle to Alaska

2008-01-30 09:53:29 by Triumph_900

I am looking for someone to join me on a trip to Alaska in June. My buddy who was supposed to make the trip just baled for family reasons. All you need are: a motorcycle capable of making 7-8,000 miles, about 2-3 weeks of vacation and a sense of adventure.
I will be leaving the Bay Area on Friday, June 6. Returning sometime during the week of 6/23 (leaving that part a little loose to acou...m-rates" title="UW Travel per diem rates">per travel day (with a few 700+ days thrown in for more down time). Major expenses will be gas and food. I have been planning this for over a year and have most of the logistics covered. There will be a couple of places where you need to make 250 miles without services.
If you are interested let me know and I will provide more details.

Texas non-profit needs help

2008-02-02 19:16:54 by Bicyclist

My name is Beth and am in a non-profit organization called, Texas 4000. We raise money and donate towards cancer research, and travel to Alaska to raise awareness about cancer. There will be about 27 people riding our bicycles from Austin to Alaska this summer and are in need of a place to stay and food when we come through Seattle around July 20, 2008. If you know of a place that could house/feed us for one night please let me know. Check out our website:

Gramma's Snow

2008-01-23 19:19:14 by Stissou

This is a story I wrote for Gramma, when she was in a cute little country hospital (has a fireplace in the lobby) east of Seattle, months before her stroke. I printed a copy and gave it to her. I made her promise not to share it with anyone before I gave it to her. She said "I promise" The next day all of the nurses told me they loved my story.
All year I waited for the snow . The last wa... in a big one. Through the doors that opened toward me as I approach, past the fire down the hall "Last door on the right".
"Grandma! It's snowing, I love you so much!" Her eyes sparkle at me from under all of that soft white hair she had styled that morning just for me. Those eyes, the snow, those eyes. We ran out into the flurry together, kicking snow and laughing, we never left her bed.

Closer ties to distant neighbor  — The Seattle Times
His consulate serves Washington state and six counties in Idaho. In addition to managing Mexican interests here, the consulate provides assistance with passports, visas and other help for Mexican nationals and people traveling to Mexico.

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