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Prevention MD - Promoting health and wellness through screenings, classes, and shots.

Prevention MD (PMD) provides a full range of travel options at our clinic Redmond, WA location. Initially, all persons need to Provide Reviews us with some basic information about The Their trip (see form below). They will then be Contacted for a clinic appointment. Based upon the complexity of Their needs, They May receive a consultation with a doctor, vaccinations, and / or prescriptive travel medications. The clinic Provides The Necessary vaccinations Along with information to assist the traveler in Planning a healthy trip. If you are planning to using our Redmond, WA clinic for your travel needs, in order to Provide you With The Most convenient and professional care in a Timely Manner, we request That you complete the Online Travel Form. Most vaccines are not time immediately effective. Please Take This into consideration when planning for your trip. There is a nonrefundable $ 49 fee for the physician's review and recommendations. After Receiving the form we will contact you to set-up your clinic appointment. There is a one-time $ 25 clinic fee per trip. Twenty-four hour cancellation notice must be Given or the $ 25 clinic fee will be charged to your account. Please contact us at 1-800-346-4915, ext 203 or 213 if you have any questions.

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Winnie Mann, MD Anne Bankson, MD Cathy Hurley, MD

Michael Dukelow, MD Mary Lynn Ricardo-Dukelow, MD

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University of Washington Press The Final Forest: Big Trees, Forks, and the Pacific Northwest
Book (University of Washington Press)

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Take an umbrella

2003-08-01 16:25:42 by nobeancounter

You know what they say about the Seattle area (includes Redmond)? They have the highest sales of sunglasses because by the time you need them you've forgotten where you put your sunglasses.
I use to travel on business to nearby Bellevue, WA. The weather can be damp and rainy. One business trip lasted five full weeks and the sun did not come out for three weeks straight. Whenever it is overcast here in San Francisco I say to coworkers, "that is looks like Seattle outside". Guess it beats snow for the winter in NYC.
Try to live as close to work as possible as the freeways are bad there with so much traffic.
On the plus side..great seafood and only a two hour drive to Canada (Victoria & Vancouver).

King Co. / Cirque de Soliel bond to compete..

2006-05-07 20:34:44 by JohnPaul

With Private Entertainment Industry in King Co.
Marymoor Park, in Redmond, WA... is hosting Cirque de Soliel in a summer '06 presentation.
That competes with non-governmental entertainment industry concerns... and shows how government can be very successful at profiteering off of it's citizenry.
Parking in the PUBLIC park is $10. They put the event right next to the Velodrome... Redmond is known as "The Bicycle City". Supposedly bike friendly... I bet park maintenance will cut your cable and steal your bike if you travel there by bike.

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