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An island, a resort, a Wi-Fi hotspot

6 November 2011 | By Press Release | Category: , "Yes, " the fastest mobile G4 Internet access in Malaysia, is available on the luxurious private island of the award-winning worldwide Pangkor Laut Resort from now. Already on departure from Kuala Lumpur, the high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the limousine transfers for guests. Once in the dream resort, the 120 acres of paradise island can be discovered - with Wi-Fi accessibility, thanks to the portable Yes router of YTL Communications.

Photo: Emerald Bay in Pangkor Laut Resort

Whether guests want to explore the mystical evergreen two million years old rainforest with a trip to the local naturalist, or would like to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Emerald Bay, relax - you can always make your loved ones back home with wonderful impressions jealous. Video chat on the beach soothing sound of gentle ocean noise in the background are possible with the personal devices such as smart phones, tablet PC or laptop.

The innovative router, no larger than a small cell phone can, in Pangkor Laut Resort for 50 Malaysian ringgit (about 11 euros) are rented for 24 hours. The router provides access for up to four devices simultaneously, so that the guests stay connected with your loved ones at home together and their holiday experiences can easily share with them in real time.

The world renowned Pangkor Laut Resort is a luxury resort on the private island of Pangkor Laut, off the west coast of Malaysia with 140 luxury villas and eight Estates. A stunning flora and fauna covered the island and only a small part of the island was built and harmoniously integrated into the natural, providing a feeling of complete serenity - exclusively for guests.

About YTL Hotels
YTL Hotels is the hospitality arm of YTL Corporation Berhad, Malaysia. The Company owns and operates a fine selection of unique individual resorts, hotels and spas - including the award-winning worldwide Pangkor Laut Resort. In the course of further expansion YTL Hotels has opened in Saint-Tropez, Niseko Village in Japan. 2011 has been expanded to Shanghai (China), 2012 follows Borneo - in addition to YTL portfolio in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the UK. YTL maintains a natural blend of culture, character and tradition in each of the destina ¬ tion from the perspective of different luxury experiences.
More information

Information and reservations at the YTL Travel Centre, toll free: Tel: 0800-81 7599 (Germany) Tel: 00800-9899 9999 (Switzerland), e-mail: travelcentre@ytlhotels.com.my

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Take an umbrella

2003-08-01 16:25:42 by nobeancounter

You know what they say about the Seattle area (includes Redmond)? They have the highest sales of sunglasses because by the time you need them you've forgotten where you put your sunglasses.
I use to travel on business to nearby Bellevue, WA. The weather can be damp and rainy. One business trip lasted five full weeks and the sun did not come out for three weeks straight. Whenever it is overcast here in San Francisco I say to coworkers, "that is looks like Seattle outside". Guess it beats snow for the winter in NYC.
Try to live as close to work as possible as the freeways are bad there with so much traffic.
On the plus side..great seafood and only a two hour drive to Canada (Victoria & Vancouver).

King Co. / Cirque de Soliel bond to compete..

2006-05-07 20:34:44 by JohnPaul

With Private Entertainment Industry in King Co.
Marymoor Park, in Redmond, WA... is hosting Cirque de Soliel in a summer '06 presentation.
That competes with non-governmental entertainment industry concerns... and shows how government can be very successful at profiteering off of it's citizenry.
Parking in the PUBLIC park is $10. They put the event right next to the Velodrome... Redmond is known as "The Bicycle City". Supposedly bike friendly... I bet park maintenance will cut your cable and steal your bike if you travel there by bike.

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