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Elbert's graduation and life with @ blog :: free nest Xuite log
LA Business Environment-Alumni - Center for Latin American Studies

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Elbert's graduation and life with
(Elbert and sister toast to celebrate the graduation ceremony.)
Elbert's graduation and life with
(Tree green school campus) mentioned Qingqingcaoyuan of Hehuanshan far as reminiscent of green school tree lush grass court. Welcomes James Huayu, such as cream ..... This is the first graduation song .. Yesterday, June 29 Elbert graduated from elementary school in Canada is 12 years of compulsory education, where elementary school in BC is 7 years. beginning of high school for five years. therefore kindergarten elementary school for seven years plus 1 year ..
Elbert8 set to spend a pleasant time here. Graduation ceremony is one week before the June 22 held a graduation ceremony without this solemn atmosphere. Nor easy Funny situation. Certainly no feeling reluctant to leave the situation.
But full of warm feeling of joy.
(So ​​graduate students were dressed. Sit on the podium.) Ceremony was held in the school hall, so graduates are dressed. Sit on the podium.
Students and parents are sitting in auditorium ceremony under the first is from the President. President's message is very brief. Less than 3 minutes in addition to his graduate students, but blessed. Only said he was pleased to greet all students are able to see him. And most happy thing.
Which is usually in the school and students or students who can chat with parents ..
(Teacher graduation certificates)
(Elbert course receive their diplomas on stage.)
(Elbert from grade 5 to participate in the choir of course also in front of the stage to sing together.) Followed by the graduating class of two teachers and three graduate student representative speech. Speech content is very brief. Followed diplomas awarded by the teacher Graduates receive a one on stage. Elbert course on stage to receive a diploma. Again is the school choir singing two songs. Elbert from grade 5 to participate in the choir of course also in front of the stage singing together.
At this ceremony for less than 40 minutes ..
(This is the one-year-old Elbert photos)
(Elbert's old photos) of the process would last the longest. Nearly 30 minutes, which is a graduate student slide show. Contents graduate school drip .4 days and three nights graduation trip enjoyable content. Well as school Games highlights. then graduate graduation photo a one introduction. more to each graduate of an old photograph and three-year-old photos one by one so that students play .. guess who last played once and then publish the answer. saw school students to look at photos. yell graduate's name. feeling was very warm.
Really makes sense to slide ...
(There are simple drinks and snacks entertain graduates)
(Elbert and principals pictured)
(Elbert and teachers pictured) after graduation .. there are simple drinks and snacks hospitality graduates and parents .. this time Elbert ceremony and principals and teachers are also pictured.
As a memorial ..
(Of course, and sister are also happy with the camera ..) after school .. intimate Elbert help his sister took a jar of lemon tea. Toast to celebrate two people together. Certainly happy with the camera .. hostel in the evening school also has graduate students to appreciate 1A baseball game. Apart enjoy Vancouver Canucks vs Washington Spokane team. includes barbecue buffet dinner. Elbert also be able to get 25 yuan lottery CDN cinema voucher Oh.
Really warm and Have a nice day ... This May and June Elbert little busy .. not busy preparing for exams or assignments ..
But what is it busy?
(Wearing jersey No. 51 is not that Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki Oh.)
(I remember that day also lucky draw raffle bags a ...)
(After fierce competition ..) has participated in the school year, Elbert badminton team. Apart from practicing outside the school. Better represent the school to the outside to participate in inter-school competitions .. wearing jersey No. 51, is not that Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki Oh. Was Elbert Also remember that day .. lucky draw raffle bags a ... After fierce competition .. Elbert game seven. record is 5 wins and 2 losses ..
And other students inside the school varsity best record ...
(Elbert also participated in the school band. Blow the trumpet ..)
(Elbert also participated in the school band. Blow the trumpet ..)
(Composed of many bands take turns performing elementary school.) Also Elbert also participated in the school band. Blow the trumpet .. therefore represent the school to the outside performances .. It was the band's event each semester by many primary bands take turns performing.
Very lively ...
(Beautiful lake is salsa U.S. special camping resort) For four days and three nights graduation trip, which is to the U.S. special salsa Lake (Sasamat Lake) U.S. special salsa Vancouver Lake is the highest lake water. Also camping resort. Hupang clean white pine beach (White Pine Beach). fir everywhere. Angela Green Wave. lived in Lake cabins. these days activities include canoeing. archery. hiking. swimming l campfire and other activities.
Very interesting graduation trip. Elbert busy at school in addition to the activities in the very busy holiday week ..
Of course not busy schoolwork. Rather busy with family activities ..
(Go back and forth seven hours of trails to enjoy Norvan Falls Nuofen waterfall.)
(To the U.S. state of Washington German village tourism.)
(Eat German pork knuckle German sausages and chicken.) Sunday, June 6th day. Together as a family to North Vancouver mountains hiking That was Lynn Valley Park. Walked back and forth seven hours of trails to enjoy Norvan Falls Nuofen waterfall. The June 12th to 13th. to the U.S. state of Washington German village tourism. suck German pork knuckle German sausages and chicken ..
And the next day to enjoy the freedom of Zhongshan Jing and the North Cascades National Park .. then in the week before the end of the semester in June .. it is not busy ... busy preparing lessons plus exam Oh .. but the entire week simply do not have school, I saw the teacher with the class one day to go bowling and a water park and one day go to PNE's playground, and one day go to the park to play baseball and swimming. outing to the park one day and one day you want to play water results because of the rain in the school park playing games ...
Celebrating with classmates in elementary school teacher last days To know the Canadian public elementary homework rarely need to bring home to write. Most in school to complete .. Most especially weekends there is no homework, because if there is too much homework. many parents will protest.
These protests will affect the parent-child homework time together .. As for the exam .. how much for each subject in the classroom has exam There are also individuals or groups of reports and jobs, but no so-called Yuekao .. and no final exam. While assess how it scores in grade 4 results previously only opinions do not play while the 5th grade to 7th grade transcripts have it. every subject has a score report, but not with scores. Instead, use ABCD to evaluate. naturally not as 99 points or 100 points which two points where preoccupied contention broken head which is really happy and carefree primary school life ... perhaps in a pleasant environment. field of study.
More easily absorbed into the knowledge it ... here is a real effort to start high school and college, especially at the university .. That was 18 years old. Considered very ripe old age. Many foreigners have their own independence and self-reliance, even Loans to college that time to learn the expertise is really a lot. pressure is greatest. schoolwork most of the time.
Not a good education will really be eliminated ....
(Standing in front of the school .. engraved on the stone above the motto of the so-called right ..) lived a pleasant warmth primary school life. Elbert to enter junior high school. That would be a new beginning. Schoolwork pressure will be more. Standing school entrance .. engraved on the stone above the so-called motto it ..
Not a Lutheran Zhongxiao love peace but ... Care for SelfCare for Others
Care for The Place care about themselves. Attention to others.
Care of the land .. I remember the principal speech. Has highlighted three points ..
Perhaps this is the direction where education focus to it ... the summer. Elbert graduated. Naturally no summer homework That sister has not graduated Oh So long summer holiday. In the end what summer job today Elbert have a problem ..
May I ask what her sister's summer job? A: Oh, there are a lot of jobs every week to write weekly one. Drawing one. Well as teacher issued eight math and English writing exercises .. B: There are some jobs is not many of them. write two reports and two teachers send pictures and sentences to practice English. C: very simple and rarely as long to write a 100 word about summer travel experience is like .. really easy ..
D: Do not doubt .. no summer job. Really do not ....
The answer is a foreigner released .. summer when traveling with children.
How can have homework, so is D: little homework did not.

The Cricket Game
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