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Despite all the preparation and the expectations that everything begins and ends well, and unforeseen accidents can happen. The most diverse situations, and the disappearance or theft of documents should be considered, a passport or a folder of more organized and experienced travelers may disappear or be stolen on the run from a trip.

Last year, according to the competent authorities and the Police Tourist enrolled 253, 037 passports lost and stolen passports 60, 984 worldwide todo.Embora Federal Police and equivalent institutions in other countries have procedures to replace lost or stolen passports, differences time zone, weekends and holidays may complicate or slow down this process. The cases of theft of documents the case reminded me of a friend, british Mr. Chris Crowley, who frequently travel across the planet for at least 15 years. During a trip made two years ago between London, Singapore, Chicago and Washington, he lost his passport and reunited in just two days.

According to Mr. Chris Crowley, during the flight from Chicago to Washington on Continental Airlines (now United Airlines) he put his passport into the bay in front of his bench. He said he was in a hurry, tired and fell asleep and ended up getting off the plane in Washington and forgot his passport on the plane.

(By way of knowledge: Mr. Chris Crowley is senior vice president of global customer management in Europe, Middle East and Africa at BCD Travel. Forewarned and anticipating the general inconveniences, he commented that owns two British passports in case the need to make a trip abroad as one of their passports is elsewhere, as the embassy of the United Kingdom, for example, if it is waiting for getting a travel visa to China or to Russia.)
(Note: U.S. citizens may also obtain a second passport, but only in very exceptional cases, officials from the State Department.)

Returning to the case reported by my friend Chris, he came to Washington at eight o'clock of a Tuesday, and should go to London on Thursday. The first thing he did was to call the airline and report the loss. Then he called the British Embassy in Washington, was past 5 o'clock and a recording on the answering machine picked links ... only alternative: leave a message. After that, he called the office of emissions passports in London and this time an automated message kept repeating that he should call the local embassy. How had little time, Chris called his personal assistant in London, because it has all the information on your passport and your credit cards. She drove for three hours to the house of the mother of Chris to get the key to his flat in London and pick up your passport extra that sent by courier to his hotel in Washington. On Thursday morning, before the scheduled trip, Continental Airlines return calls Chris, stating that the cleaning staff had found his passport in Minneapolis. Thursday morning he was with his two passports. Revealed with a certain tone of joy in his voice that sailed smoothly and promised to be more careful with hand baggage and from now on important documents always travel to reach the eyes and hands.

University of Washington Press Shaping the Shoreline: Fisheries and Tourism on the Monterey Coast (Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books)
Book (University of Washington Press)

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This Is Too funny!

2006-09-08 16:43:09 by ARealHottie

Muslim fury after bikini model claimed to be Pakistan's entry
Last updated at 19:17pm on 7th September 2006
A prize winning bikini contest model who claimed she was the Pakistani representative has sparked outrage in the predominantly muslim country.
Stunning Mariyah Moten, 22, won the 'Best in Media' title - for being the most photographed and interviewed contestant - at the ...does not hold beauty contests - might take the issue up with China, depending on the result of the investigation.
He also said the government might withdraw from Moten special privileges offered to people of Pakistani descent such as visa-free travel to Pakistan.

Osama Bin Ladin Interview

2001-12-13 17:44:22 by EscapedOmar

[Usamah Bin-Ladin] Usamah Bin-Muhammad Bin-'Awad Bin-Ladin. God Almighty was gracious enough for me to be born to Muslim parents in the Arabian Peninsula, in al-Malazz neighborhood in al-Riyadh, in 1377 hegira [1957 or 1958 depending on the month in which he was born]. Then God was gracious to us as we went to Holy Medinah six months after I was born. For the rest of my life I stayed in Hejaz mo...An oil artery is running through its waters. It is the embodiment of wealth and conflict. What we forget in the midst of routine details is the cumulative effect of things. When somebody drops a stone in a river, this may cause the river course to change once and for all. Washington and Usamah Bin-Ladin are part of this mosaic. To them, the targets have been delineated and the pursuit has begun.

Mystery sign: Painting is part of La Quilt Trail  — Monroe News Star
A follow-up with Washington Parish Tourism Commission Director Kathi Mayor and a visit to the trail's website provided additional information.

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